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View change log - Added - 12.11.2009 - Avant Browser 11.7 Build 42


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View change log - Added - 06.10.2009 - Avant Browser 11.7 Build 35


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View change log - Added - 06.24.2008 - Avant Browser 11.6 Build 20



Short Avant Browser review  


Avant Browser is a free, standalone web browser designed to upgrade the features provided by Internet Explorer. It became very used because it also adds a lot of useful features and gadgets like: flash animation filter, AD/Pop-up blocker, safe recovery, skins, support for many languages, RSS reader, privacy control etc. Avant Browser has an intuitive interface that is also very easy to use. It comes with a build-in Search Engine that makes all of your searches a lot faster and with a more detailed results. We recommend this browser because it is very efficient, has a lot of useful features and it is also very stable. The version 11.0 has a Remote Stack Overflow Crash Exploit inside so we chosed to avoid listing it. All our Avant Browser versions were scanned with several antiviruses before adding them on this website.



Changelog for Avant Browser  


Version 11.7 Build 42


- Untick the checked proxy item problem solved.
- Fixed the completed URL while using CTRL + ENTER.
- Improved the Save Screen as Image function.
- Bigger pictures show up with no more problems.
- Some rendering fixes.
- You can use the "Create New Bookmark in This Folder" option to add a bookmark.


Version 11.7 Build 29

- Fixed downloading profiles problem.
- Fixed the AutoFill text field problem.

Version 11.7 Build 35


- Fixed home display problem on IE6.
- The gray bar show up at the bottom of the browser problem fixed.


Version 11.7 Build 28


- Added browser:home page.
- Press CTRL+DEL for hiding the browser.
- Avant Browser freeze bug is fixed.
- Fixed some truncated bookmarks name error from Opera browser.
- No more context menu issues in Google Docs.
- Minor fixes.


Version 11.7 Build 23

- Better time response of the Floating toolbar.
- Application Icon Resolution is been improved.
- Thumbnail Preivew under vista is no longer turning grey.
- Exit Avant Browser with ALT+F4.
- Fixed the double Avant Browser icons issue.
- Use "Create New Bookmark in this folder" to bookmark sidebar.
- The auto-complete feature from Address Bar has been improved .


Version 11.7 Build 21


- Fixed a bug that caused a new tab opened up under Polish system while pressing ALT+SHIFT+Z.
- Opening htm/html files in Avant Browser with no more problems.


Version 11.7 Build 19


- Avant Browser is tiling properly along with other application windows.
- "Avant Browser" is no more being shown in the UserAgent string.
- The uploaded files can be attached to the Attachments list.
- No more craches caused by the Email button on floating toolbar.
- The Minimize button is now working properly.
- The bug that the successively opened popup windows is fixed.
- The scrollbar outline style is now property supported.
- Fixed the displaying miscoded username bug in Autofill
- Autofill not working in some pages bug is fixed.
- RSS items are unread if you opened them in new windows problem is solved.
- You can select the address bar with ALT+D.
- No more browser temporarily freezing up sometimes when visiting a blocked URL.
- The displaying and disappearing time of the floating toolbar is changed.


Version 11.7 Build 15


- Unchecking the options in Proxy Server anytime with no more problems.
- Fixed the bug that kept you from opening up the menus through shortcuts.
- The Coding button in Customize Buttons menu has been removed.
- Pressing Enter you can open up the closed pages last time you ended the browser.


Version 11.7 Build 11


- The AutoFill feature in the My Information menu problems are fixed.
- The CTRL+Q shortcut is now working.
- The Scroll button in Toolbar problem solved.
- Highlighting search items only worked once bug is fixed.
- Importing Online Storage data to the local machine works.


Version 11.7 Build 9


Fixed the problem that kept the scroll bar from showing up completely.


Version 11.6 Build 20


- The taskbar button missing bug is fixed.
- "frmTrailBG" hides itself with no more problems.
- Screened the inline keywords auto-complete feature.