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N/A - Added - 05.27.2009 - BearShare 8


N/A - Added - 10.28.2008 - BearShare 7


N/A - Added - 09.04.2006 - BearShare 6


N/A - Added - 07.28.2006 - BearShare 5.2.5


N/A - Added - 02.10.2006 - BearShare 5.2.2


N/A - Added - 11.30.2005 - BearShare 5.2.1



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BearShare is a peer to peer file sharing program that allows you to view other users profiles including photos and music library, you can also leave comments or send private messages to any of your friends. It supports lots of mp3 players. BearShare has an friendly interface that you can customize the way you like. You can download music from millions of BearShare users and also to share your songs in an 100% legal environment. Bearshare has a powerful search engine integrated and lots of useful tools to share and listen music. All our old BearShare versions were scanned with several antiviruses before adding them on our website.



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