Download BS.Player Old Version for Windows 7, 8 and 10

BS.Player is the world’s most popular multimedia, video, and media player that supports all media files. More than 70 million people are using it around the world. It can playback any AVCHD files by Sony, Panasonic, and other digital camcorders. This amazing media player supports more than 90 languages in the world. Furthermore, it is a perfect media player for the users who have less capable computers.

BS.Player Features

The stunning features of BS.Player makes it the best media player among all. Let’s have an overview of some of the best features.

Supports YouTube

It supports YouTube. You can download the YouTube videos as “.flv” files in your system to watch by using the BS.Player. So, you can use it as a YouTube video player or YouTube Downloader.

BS.Player as Media Library

When you launch the tool, the currently present multimedia files on your system will appear in BS.Player. So, it automatically becomes your media library. You do not need to move to a particular location to open a media file. All are present here. You can play any audio or video file.

Multilingual Support

The multilingual tool is available in more than 90 languages of the world. So, the multilingual menu and multilingual subtitles options make it a worthy tool for the people who are not native English. In fact, it is perfect for everyone living in any region of the world.

Playlist Support

The most distinguished feature of this player is its playlists support. It supports the playlists to bring more ease for you. You can import your previous playlists from BST, M3U or any other records. You can save them, edit or update them according to your preference.

Display Subtitles

It comes with the Display subtitles support. The media player supports the shadows, outlines, subtitle and font type, etc. It allows you to display two external subtitles at the same time. So, you can enjoy two different subtitles in different languages at the same time by using BS.Player.

Resolution Customization

You can change the resolution according to your preference. Sometimes, you are not watching the movie on a small screen. You intend to watch your favorite movie on a Plasma screen or on a projector. In such conditions, it becomes unavoidable to change the resolution to optimize the display of the movie.

Resize Movie Window

You can resize the window while watching your favorite movie. With one click, your movie window will be full-screen and you can enjoy a cinema feeling while watching the movie at home.

Pan Scan/Custom Pan Scan

When you are watching a full-screen movie on a 4:3 window, it becomes annoying to find the black horizontal edges on the top of the window and on the bottom. The Pan-scan feature in the BS.Player allows you to watch your favorite movie without these edges. So, you can set the pan according to your preferences.

Command Line Support

Command Line support is not for all the users. The expert users who want to create the playback of multimedia content in easy steps will love using the Command Line feature in the BS.Player.

Capture Frame Option

If you want to capture a scene from your favorite movie, the “Capture” feature allows you to do so. It can take a screenshot of your favorite scene to save it on your desired location in JPG or BMP format.

Completely Skinnable

Another distinguishing feature of the BS.Player is it’s being fully skinnable. The media player comes in a modern and very stylish outlook. However, you can add your preferred skins to make it more stylish.

How to Download & Install BS.Player

The latest version of the BS.Player is v2.6.2.1068, but the most popular version is v1.37.826. The people want to download it again and again. Follow the instructions below to download and install BS.Player old version. Since the file size is only 2.74MB, it takes no time in downloading.

Now, go to the Zip folder and double-click the file to start the installation of the player.

It will show you the “Terms and Conditions” page. Select “I Agree” and then select “English” language from options.

It will start the installation process that completes within half a minute.

Here is your BS.Player. Enjoy using it to watch your favorite movies and video songs.

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