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    Choosing the right firm is Vital

    How do you find a consulting firm/reseller?
    Typically you would search the web, ask colleagues for suggestions or recommendations, attend an accounting industry trade show or seminar and review accounting publications.

    What are the points to consider when evaluating a consulting firm/reseller?
    Can the consultant/reseller provide reference sites?
    Can the firm provide a complete service package? This includes product training, technical support, maintenance, future upgrading, integration and customization. Look for a reseller who wants to assist with longer term training and service.

    Does the reseller listen effectively?

    This question separates the true consultant from the person peddling a product. To make the best recommendations for your organization, a reseller must first learn about your organization – including its current capabilities and those missing (but required) items or functions. Has the reseller attempted to learn as much as possible about your organization? Has the reseller spoken to more than one person within your company?
    Does the reseller communicate clearly? Be wary of resellers who spend all their time discussing features – what the program does. Your focus during discussions with a reseller should instead be directed toward what benefits the accounting software can bring your organization.

    Is the reseller a good fit with your company’s philosophy and culture?
    Will the reseller offer the opportunity to provide a pre-implementation planning study to comprehensively evaluate the suitability of the proposed new accounting system?

    Provida is a major Australian accounting system implementation consultancy. Provida is a Sage Accpac Solution Provider and a Microsoft Dynamics business partner and provider.