Short CCleaner review  

CCleaner is a free software designed to optimize your system and also to clean him. It removes unused files from your PC running Windows, files that also makes your computer to run slower. It cleans all Temporary files, history, cookies, Autocomplete form history, index.dat from all major browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. It also deletes your log files, temporary files and recent documents. It has a feature that allows you to clean your registry files and also any other created files by third-party applications. For any reason you might have, on this page you can download old CCleaner versions and you can view the change log for each version. We do not list beta, incomplete or versions that we consider insignificant. We will start listing versions with version 2.19.901 so you may consider this version as being the oldest one.

Changelog for CCleaner  

Version 2.26.1050

– Added Taskbar jump list tasks for Windows 7.
– Added support to clean Windows DNS cache.
– Added vacuum SQLite databases for Firefox and Google Chrome.
– Added publisher and version to Uninstall tool.
– Added Taskbar Progress for Windows 7.
– Improved system tray icon activation and tooltip.
– Improved Registry screen “fix selected issues” dialog usability by removing prompt.
– Improved Uninstall screen detection algorithm.
– Improved memory usage to avoid GDI leaks.
– Improved Exclude list registry keys addition functionality in 64bit Windows 7.
– Improved Registry Cleaner detection algorithm and 64-bit file system redirection.
– Improved “Save to text file” functionality in Cleaner screen.
– Further improved RECURSE and REMOVESELF functionality.
– Fixed issue with Sticky Notes being detected as Missing startup item.
– Fixed “Edit” and “Remove” button availability on Include/Exclude screen.
– Fixed various GUI bugs.

Version 2.23.999

– Improved Opera 10 support for final release.
– Fixed the “No Disk” exception error.
– Fixed %ProgramFiles% bug in 64-bit Registry scanning.

Version 2.23.993

– added Taskbar Jump List cleaning for Windows 7.

– history cleaning support for Opera 10 and icons to Cookie selection to show browser.

– several improvements such as scrolling in new results window, Avira Anti-virus cleaning, multiselect in listviews, 64-bit support when including/excluding files, 64-bit issue detection in Registry screen.

Version 2.22.968

– a better redesign of Cleaner results panel.

– support has been added for Opera 10 Beta and Safari 4.0.

– search has been added to Uninstall tool and to Cookies screen.

– several bug fixes for OpenOffice cleaning, Internet Explorer version 8.0 SuggestedSites.dat cleaning support and UI.

Version 2.21.940

– Added support for Nero Burning ROM 9, 
– Added support for OpenOffice 3.1,
– Added support for AVG AntiVirus 8.0, 
– Added support for AntiVir Desktop
– Added support for Vuze.
– Added support for Adobe Reader 9.0
– Added support for Adobe Photoshop CS3,
– Added support for Adobe Photoshop CS4, 
– Added support for Adobe Illustrator CS4,
– Added Installed date and size to Uninstall Tool.
– Added support for multiple item selection on Start up tool.
– Added support for cleaning Windows 2008 IIS log files.
– Added U3 smart drive support. (Separate installer)
– Improved Windows 7 support.
– Improved 64-bit Registry cleaning accuracy.
– Improved loading of System Restore Tool.
– Improved various routines in the uninstaller code.
– Fixed Windows 7 Task Scheduler bug.
– Fixed “No Disk” bug when using Wipe Free Space.
– Fixed Win98 support.
– Minor text and translation improvements.
– Minor bug fixes that has not been specified.

Version 2.20.920

– Support for Google Chrome browser recently closed tabs has been added.
– Disabled removal of most recent System restore point.
– Big fixed with Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View settings.
– Uninstaller support for Windows 7 has been improved.
– Enhanced right-click menu options for Cleaner screen tree.
– Extra information under title for Options and Tools screens has been added.
– Right-click menu to Registry screen tree has been added to this version.
– Support to multi-select items in Include, Exclude and System Restore screens has been added starting with this version.
– Language support for Estonian and Farsi has been added.
– Several internal 64-bit improvements.
– A lot of other unspecified minor bug fixes.

Version 2.19.901

– Fixed bug in Firefox introduced in build 900.
– Support for Firefox 3.5 beta has been added.
– Bug fixed in IE8 now cookies are being deleted after reboot.
– Support for Google Chrome version 2 has been improved 
– Fixed bug with IE8 cookies.
– Added support for Flash Cookies.
– Added Tool to manage System Restore Files (XP and Vista only).
– Added support to remove Opera Recently Typed URLs.
– The bug that displayed wrong Total Bytes has been fixed.
– Improved exception handling.
– Fixed virtual function bug.
– You should notice some minor performance improvements.