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Short GOM Player review  


GOM Player is a free media player with integrated codecs that can play almost all audio and video formats available. GOM Player will search codecs over the internet for unrecognizable audio or video formats. You can watch your favorite movies even with broken indexes or while they are downloaded. It also has a powerful subtitle support and you can also synchronize any subtitle mismatches.



Changelog for GOM Player  





- New 'Maximize' option has been added.
- The blocking filter lists has been updated.
- Fixed some problems withe the player skin.
- Fixed the mouse inputting errors.
- No more errors while recognizing some subtitle files.
- Random Play function has been changed to 'Shuffle Play'.
- Added new functions to adjust & save subtitle syncs.
- Added a Gretech MP3 source filter.
- Modified source filter of FLV, MPEG and MP4 local files.




- New security patches have been added.
- SRT subtitles mismatching problem is solved.
- When saving SRT subtitles sync, it will changed to SMI.
- Small bugfixes.
- Add disabled filter list



- An abnormal video output problem is fixed.
- No more subtitle synchronization problems when using a built-in source filter.
- Gretech MKV and OGG Source Filters bugs been fixed.
- The text font size in the Easy Browser has been adjusted.




- New .srt subtitle security patch has been added.
- The HD decoding performance has been improved.
- Subtitle seeking problem has been solved.
- VC-1(WVC1) video codec problems with certain MPEG media files.
- EVR rendering problem bug is fixed.
- GOM Player process priority level has been modified.
- Gretech FLV source filter is modified.
- The configuration wizard has been modified.
- Disabled filter list has been added.




- AVC Video support has been added for FLV Local file / Network File.
- Supporting AAC Audio codec on FLV Network File.
- Putting the skin image file in order.




- Fixed the subtitle file bug.
- New EVR option has been added.
- GOM will utilize your default browser to open any of the links you click at.
- Interface of the Video output page has no more problems.
- GOM can make a log.




- UI bug problem is fixed.
- Gretech ASF Source bug is fixed.




- Buffer overflow bug fixures.
- Added new features that delete files from Easy Browser.
- Now you can automatically sort files when you add them to playlist.
- MP4(AVC1) files are properly played.
- You can add all files in one directory.
- The playing files are automatically pauses when the program is minimized.
- You can sort the playlist by the directory name.
- New black list filter is added.
- Now you can maintain a new play speed.
- Now you can use Bluetooth multimedia keys.
- Added support for FLV4 video codec.
- You can control the audio sync.




- Made some fixes to the sorting feature for the playlist.




- Code changes are made in the subtitle preferences.




- Small bug fixures.