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Short Graboid Video review

Graboid Video is the ideal application for getting access to one of best library for full length videos with over 160,000 videos online. It allows you to watch your favourite videos and some of them even in high-definition video mode. It allows you a trial-mode for 30 days and a limitation for 4GB of transfer space. It is also free of spyware or adware. For any reason you might have, on this page you can download old Graboid Video versions and you can view the change log for each version. We do not list beta, incomplete or versions that we consider insignificant.

Changelog for Graboid Video

Version 1.64

  • The guys from Graboid Video decided to “release” version 1.5 after they released version 1.65. We have contacted them but they said that this is the current version which was, obviously impossible. As you may notice we have refused to list version 1.5 for the second time after version 1.65 was released. On 22 July they have released “again” version 1.65 so we are going to list this version as version 1.64. Please note that this should’ve been version 1.65 and version 1.5 version 1.7 and the current version 1.65 should be 1.75 or something like that. However, it is only an explanation from our side it is not an official explanation from Graboid team. This is only our opinion and should not affect in any way your relations with Graboid Video. It was a problem for us since we couldn’t list 2 different versions under the same name.

Version 1.6

  • VLC Media Player is no longer included with the Graboid installation. This allows users to install or upgrade any version of VLC Media player that they would like to use.
  • Due to the VLC Media Player no longer being included with Graboid, the Play In VLC button has been removed. If you would like to play your files outside of Graboid, use the locate button to show the video file, and then you can play it in your default media player.
  • The Mozilla ActiveX Control is no longer installed with Graboid. As a result, you will not find it listed under Add/Remove Programs.
  • Bug fix: The default DLManager.ini file has been updated to the correct default values.
  • A user preference has been added to allow users to hide the download manager warnings. This preference is set to off by default but can be changed by users to help them get more information to help support diagnose a problem.
  • The error messages that are shown when the download manager doesn’t start correctly have been updated to be more user-friendly.
  • New rating system implemented to more accurately indicate if a video file will play on your computer.
  • New rating icons to correspond with works score (Green indicates a high likelihood of success, yellow indicates potential success and red indicates video will likely not play).
  • New quality field introduced to allow users to compare the quality of videos at a glance (without having to click on the video title). Note: The quality field does not indicate whether or not the video will work.
  • The new quality indicators are:
  • HD: Video is from a high definition source.
  • High: Video has DVD quality.
  • Medium: Video is comparable to VHS quality.
  • Low: Video may be blurry or of a low resolution.
  • Bug Fix: Titles now wrap correctly for videos with long titles.

Version 1.5

  • Upgraded the Download Manager with several bug fixes and improvements.
  • Improved the functionality for queuing several files in a row. The adjustment prevents the application from locking up when you press the download button and lets you queue up multiple files quicker.
  • Added a digital certificate to the Graboid DL Manager. This will solve an issue with a recent Windows Vista update which caused a security warning to be displayed before allowing the download manager to start.
  • Added functionality that will launch a web page in your browser explaining why the download manager was unable to start. This also contains a button that will allow the user to submit an error report back to Graboid to log the error.
  • A Clear Cache button has been added to the status page that appears when pressing the status button on the downloads page. This will clear any data for the files in your download queue and may be required when updating to the latest version of Graboid if the download manager was upgraded. It is not recommended that you use this button to mass clear your downloads on a regular basis.
  • A bar will now appear at the bottom of the application when download manager warnings or errors are found. Clicking on this bar will bring up a list of any errors received since you started the application which you can provide to Graboid Support if technical support is required.
  • Error messages have been updated to provide more useful information.
  • All Graboid directories and files to which data is written are located in one central location. They are now located in the user’s application data folder. This should prevent problems caused by the application not having write access to certain folders.
  • Bugfix that was preventing some users from changing their user preferences because the partial downloads path setting was no longer available.
  • You can now set a maximum speed (in kB/s) for downloading videos. You can find this option in your user preferences. Setting this to zero(default) will use the fastest speed possible when you are downloading.

Version 1.4

  • A new page to save the searches that you use the most often. This means finding your favorite files will be easier than ever. We’ve also included a feature that will email you when a new file becomes available that matches a search query, so if there is something specific that you’re looking for, you don’t need to search for it every single day!
  • Mouse wheel scrolling now works on many of the lists in Graboid. In some cases, you may need to click on a list item to set focus and enable scrolling on that list.
  • The ability to easily play a video externally in VLC instead of watching it in Graboid. The button to do this is located in the completed items list on the downloads page.
  • The processing status for a downloaded video will now display correctly at the bottom of the downloads list.
  • Graboid no longer checks for updates on startup. This greatly reduces the load time for the application.
  • A fix for a bug that would cause some downloads to disappear if the directory structure or filename length was too long.
  • The user preference for your partial downloads folder has been removed. This folder is now always located inside of your completed downloads folder.
  • Changes to work better with Windows Vista security.
  • The locations of the log files have been changed.
  • When selecting one file after another to download, there is much less lag now (the period during which your cursor freezes and you can’t do anything).

Version 1.3.1

  • Due to fact that compatibility with the 64 bit version of Windows Vista has been added starting with version 1.3.1, we have chosed to list old graboid video versions starting with this one. There were 21 older versions than this one ( version 1.3.1 ) :,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1.02, 1.1,,,,, 1.3 – all of them arranged in the order that they appeared.