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View change log - Added - 10.15.2009 - IDM 5.18


View change log - Added - 04.28.2009 - IDM 5.17


View change log - Added - 04.03.2009 - IDM 5.16


View change log - Added - 10.28.2008 - IDM 5.15


View change log - Added - 06.21.2007 - IDM 5.11


View change log - Added - 02.25.2007 - IDM 5.09


View change log - Added - 01.12.2007 - IDM 5.08


View change log - Added - 01.02.2007 - IDM 5.07


View change log - Added - 09.02.2006 - IDM 5.05


View change log - Added - 08.02.2006 - IDM 5.04


View change log - Added - 05.31.2006 - IDM 5.03


View change log - Added - 01.18.2006 - IDM 5.02


View change log - Added - 12.16.2005 - IDM 5.01



Short Internet Download Manager review  


Internet Download Manager is a download manager software designed only for Microsoft Windows OS. It is a useful software that has lots of unique and very helpful features like: dynamic segmentation of the download process, support for proxys, firewalls, cookies, redirects, ftp and http protocols, divide downloads into multiple streams, mp3 and MPEG video content processing feature, sounds on events, HTTPS support, progressive downloading, resume downloads, schedule downloads, multilingual support, lists the recent downloads, zip preview, download categories, queue processor, virus protection, queue processor and many other. With its friendly interface it is very easy to use by all kinds of users. Internet Download Manager 4.05 has a Input URL Stack Overflow Exploit inside so we choose to avoid listing this version. It has a 30-days free trial and after that you must pay for it if you still want to use it. All Internet Download Manager versions listed here were scanned with several antiviruses before adding them here.



Changelog for Internet Download Manager  


Version 5.18


- You can download files over 4GB with no more errors.
- The media file recognition has been improved.


Version 5.17

- Some small bug fixes.


Version 5.16


- The Firefox integration problems are solved.
- Downloading of text files can be done with no more problems.
- The processing of erroneously intercepted downloads has been improved.
- Several bugs are fixed.
- The download resume feature has been recalculated.
- New select a queue options added.
- To the "File Properties" dialog has been added a link to the page where download was taken.
- Small improvements and small bug fixes.

Version 5.15

- IDM Download Panel created for Firefox and other Mozilla based browsers
- IDM Download Panel can be used to download flash videos from sites like YouTube.
- Solved downloading attachments from different yahoo servers problems.
- The processing of downloads for different types of servers has been updated.

Version 5.11

- IDM scheduler has been redevelopt.
- New synchronization of files added.
- You can create new queues for downloading or synchronization.
- New starting and stopping queue processing features were added.
- It has a new and improved user interface.


Version 5.09


- New logic of taking over downloads from all browsers.
- Fixed the errors regrading interceptions of the web pages that IDM treated as downloads in the past.


Version 5.08


- New languages added.
- The download engine has been upgrated to increase the download speed.
- Sending queries to servers on foreign languages bugs are fixed.
- The download processing has been improved.


Version 5.07


- Compatible with Windows Vista.
- Solved some compatibility problems with IE 7.
- Fixed conflicts with several Internet applications.


Version 5.05

- Supports Firefox 2.0 browser.
- Select from several actions dialog added if a duplicate download link was added.
- New icon added to download complete dialog that allows you to drag and drop the downloaded files.


Version 5.04

- Upgraded the basic browsers integration.
- Added new tabs: "General" and "File Types".
- Added "Open with..." button to "Download complete".


Version 5.03


- Added support for MMS protocol.
- Changes are made to the settings dialog.
- New tabs added: "Downloads" and "Save to".
- You can turn off downloading.


Version 5.02


- The download progress dialog has been improved.
- You can resize and minimize it to system tray.
- New download complete dialog added that has several useful functions.
- Updated the start download dialog.


Version 5.01

- New thumbnails view has been added to IDM Site Grabber.
- New scheduler added to IDM Site Grabber.
- New update feature has been added.