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View change log - Added - 10.13.2007 - Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.13


View change log - Added - 10.18.2006 - Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11


View change log - Added - 07.22.2005 - Internet Explorer 6.0




Short Internet Explorer review  


Internet Explorer is the most used Web browser in the world. It's included in the Windows OS package as it's the default web browser. Internet Explorer is an intuitive software that is also secure and with a good configuration that also can be a very stable and trustfull tool that helps you to surf the net and much more. Coming with version 7.0 it integrates a pishing filter and a pop up blocker and also many other helpful features. It is used and trusted by many PC users worldwide so we also recommend it. All our Internet Explorer versions were scanned with several antiviruses before adding them on this website.



Changelog for Internet Explorer  


Version 7.0.5730.13

- WGA is removed.
- Menu bar is visible by default.
- Online tour has updated how-to's.
- "first-run" experience includes a new overview.
- A new MSI installer is added.


Version 7.0.5730.11


- Tabbed browsing is added.
- Greater support for new HTML standards.
- A restyled interface.
- Built-in RSS Feeds
- New Microsoft Phishing Filter.
- Vista Protected Mode .
- Microsoft ActiveX Opt-In .
- Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Updates .
- Portable Network Graphics (PNG) support.
- XML HTTP Native support .
- Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) support.
- HTML 4.0.1 Support .


Version 6.0


- Designed for XP
- Pishing filter.
- Bug fixes.