Short LimeWire review

LimeWire is one of the best and easiest file sharing programs on the Internet. This program is compatible with a lot of platforms running from older Windows version until the latest. The main advantage is given by the open source code which gives us the guarantees that it does not contain any form of malware. We are talking about LimeWire Basic since we keep an archive for this versions only. You can download old LimeWire versions directly from this page but please note that due to security reasons we will not list all of them ( like incomplete or beta versions or the ones with problems read here ), all older versions but you will be able to download only the most important ones.

Changelog for LimeWire

LimeWire 5.1.4

  • A bug in which LimeWire wouldn’t run with Java Update 4 and Mac OS (10.5.7) has been fixed starting with version 5.1.4

LimeWire 5.1.1

  • There are new improvements regarding the performance for sorting files.
  • Uploads bug fixed
  • Add Location as a column which lists the file’s path
  • This is the first version from 5.x versions that we have added.

LimeWire 4.18.8

  • Version 4.18.8 is the latest version of LimeWire until the 5.x series
  • There is not changelog available for version 4.1.18

LimeWire 4.18.3

  • There is no changelog file available for this version.

LimeWire 4.18.2

  • A bug in which changing any value in Options caused a Library refresh has been fixed.
  • No other updates or changes specified for this version.

LimeWire 4.17.9 beta

  • An exception parsing audio files has been fixed.
  • A PushEndpoint bogus IP Address leak has been fixed.
  • Added Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) and Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) specific builds of JNIs so LimeWire will run on Mac OS X.

LimeWire 4.14.10

  • TLS busy loop has been fixed.
  • The number of altlocs per result both at network and GUI levels has been limited.
  • C class networks are more flexible.
  • Eclipse formatter rules has been updated.
  • Inspection updates.

Important : The first version released of LimeWire ( that we know about ) was LimeWire 1.4b and then 1.4c, 1.6b, 16.d and so on…We consider all versions untill 2.6 to old and they probably don’t work well or they became useless being over 5-6 years old. Also, versions starting from 1.8+ were delivered with additional unwanted software being bundled within the installer file so some antispyware and antivirus programs could detect them as spyware, malware etc. Only the versions that started with GWebCache support offered support for Gnutella network and even so they are to old to risk an installation of these. So we are going to start listing old LimeWire versions from version 4.14.10, this is the version that started to offer a change log so we consider this a more recently version under 2 years. We also scan all versions listed here for viruses or malware but you also should scan them with your own antivirus program or other security software. Also please note that the added date reflects the appeareance date of that program and not the date that we were adding on this page.