Download Opera Old Version for Windows 10, 7 and 8

To keep the apps and tools updated with new Operating Systems is necessary for the developers. But sometimes, it becomes unavoidable to download the old version of a tool for some reasons. Same is the case with the Opera web browser. The people want to use still the old version of Opera. Some of them may be nostalgic and the others value the bugs-free and faster web browsing. So, let’s see how Opera’s old version is valuable for the people.

You can describe Opera in a few words; Sleek interface, Download manager, Extensions, Bookmarks, Speed dial, Private browsing mode, and Customizable themes.

Opera Features

  • Opera web browser provides you with a secure browsing experience. The slick interface of the browser makes it a modern browser. It comes with a minimalist outlook. All browsing tools have been included in Opera to make the browsing experience more comfortable. The tools include Speed, Dial, and quick Navigation, etc.
  • When you launch the browser, you see a Discover page where you can see the latest content directly. You can pick your favorite news, country, and language.
  • You can also use the Speed dial and Bookmark pages to easy access to the sites you mostly visit. So, all frequently visited sites become a part of Speed Dial and Bookmark.
  •  The integrated search is an integral part of Opera. It does not use two different fields for navigation and search. Instead, it uses a single bar for them and makes the interface clutter-free.
  • The download manager of Opera makes it a worthy web browser. It downloads your content rapidly. Furthermore, the private browsing mode keeps your browsing completely private.
  • Although the Opera web browser is behind Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, but the latest technology of web browser makes it distinguished among all browsers.
  • The simple browser with excellent performance compels the users to switch to Opera from other web browsers.
  • You can customize the themes of Opera to make it a completely personal web browser. It allows you to use the built-in ad blocker to avoid annoying ads and pop-ups.
  • The built-in battery saver is a blessing in disguise indeed. It ensures the less consumption of the battery and thus, you can browse the things for a longer timer.
  • Opera comes with a free VPN for a secure web browsing experience. It also helps you to visit the restricted sites.
  • The built-in VR player automatically detects the virtual players. Simply, you need a headphone to plug in and click “Play” to enter the mesmerizing Virtual world. You do not need to use an external player to listen to the music or to watch videos.
  • This browser is compatible with all versions of Windows.
  • It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android OS. It is also available as Opera USB browser. You can port the USB pack browser anywhere in a USB drive. So, wherever you go, your favorite web browser is always at hand in a USB drive.
  • The web browser is your complete guide. It comes with the built-in Currency, Unit and Time Zone converters. So, you do not need to download an additional converter for all the above-discussed content.
  • The built-in Messenger allows you to be in touch with your dear and near ones. So, your web browser is a complete tool-kit containing all essential tools for your entertainment. It comes with all your required apps as built-in to make it a complete web browser for you.

How to Download & Install Opera Old Version v9.64

The latest version of Opera is v12.14. Since you are looking for an old version of the browser, here is how to download & install Opera v9.64. Follow the instructions below to perform this task.

Go to the end of the section where you will find the “Download Opera v9.14” tab. You need to click on it to start the downloading process.

Opera is in a compact size, it takes no time in downloading. Once the “.exe” file is downloaded, click the file to start the installation.

It shows a “Terms and Conditions” page where you need to show your consent by clicking “I Agree.”

Now, the installation begins. It takes a bit longer time. Wait for a while until it gets over.

Once you see the notification with the “Open” option, click on it to launch the web browser. Enjoy using it for a faster web browsing without the interruption of ads.

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