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Short Opera Browser review  


We will refer to Opera as Opera Browser in order to avoid any confusions. From this page you will be able to download old Opera Browser versions. It is small, fast, secure and one of the most appreciated browsers on the Internet. For me it is one of the best choice when you need to switch from your current browser to another one. It definetely deserves a chance and even if we list here older versions we would like to mention a couple of things when using an old version so make sure to read this.



Changelog for Opera Browser  



Version 10.52


- Added a new tooltip to the Opera O menu.
- Windowless QuickTime is working with no more errors.
- Context menu search opening in a new tab, and not reusing current tab.
- Various improvements added to the Carakan JavaScript engine.
- No more problems when enumerating an object.
- Problem with SVG DOM is solved.
- No more issues while accessing the Facebook website.
- The security information dialog entries are improved.
- No more Network problems when using a proxy.
- "Enable Unite" preference is working with no errors.


Version 10.51


- Drag and Drop is properly working in all instances.
- No more chat notification appearing problems.
- Updates added to the Carakan JavaScript engine.
- No more icons missing from menus in 16-bit color mode.
- A better scrolling performance.
- Fixed some security issues.
- Fixed some cookie problems.


Version 10.50

- Added a compatibility to the Download acceleration software.
- The user's favorite download acceleration software integrates with Opera.
- A new keyboard shortcut has been added for new private windows: Ctrl+Shift+N.
- Created a new visual design to distinguish between private and non-private windows.
- Skins can now specify the system color scheme as default.
- Opera Turbo now works correctly.
- Fixed several issues with Adobe Shockwave.
- Fixed various issues with Opera Widgets.
- No more firewall alerts occurring when starting Opera on Windows 7.
- Fixed a small security issue.


Version 10.10

- New images are added to the Opera installer
- The Unicode compatibility layer is improved.
- Help option opens in new tabs.
- You can exit Opera Show via the keyboard.
- Fixed some JavaScript-heavy sites problems.
- The text content of the 404 error page has been improved.
- Incomplete page loading when running Opera Turbo probem is fixed.
- New translation languages added.
- Search option is updated.
- Updates to bookmarks and Speed Dials.
- Fixed a issue with default bookmarks breaking synchronization.
- Small other fixures.


Version 10.01


- Added a new Opera Link button with drop down menu on the status bar.
- The Opera Link in the main menu moved to Tools menu.
- Fixed some issues with Opera Turbo and plug-in placeholders.
- Opera is now synchronizing more than 9 Speed Dials.
- Font enumeration problem is fixed.
- No more problems while creating a new mail account.
- Opera is starting after any computer reboot.
- No more problems when upgrading a single-user installation of Opera.


Version 10.0


- Added a new Opera product icon.
- Updates to the visual tabs appearance.
- Increased the Auto update check interval.
- Small toolbar updates.
- No more problems using the Gmail Contact manager.
- Navigating History problems are fixed.
- No more BitTorrent issues.
- No more Spotting link conversion issues.


Version 9.64


- Version 9.64 from Opera has been recomended as a security and stability upgrade.
- Incorporates Opera Presto 2.1.1 user agent engine.
- The latest version from 9.x series released from Opera and the latest one that we will list from 9.x series.


Version 9.52


- Startup crash that could allow execution of arbitrary code issue has been fixed.
- Change framed content on other sites is no longer possible for sites.
- Unspecified fixed issue that could allow cross-site scripting.
- Shortcuts no longer pass the wrong parameters to applications.
- Prevented insecure pages from showing incorrect security information.
- Feed links can no longer link to local files.
- Feed subscription can no longer cause the wrong page address to be displayed
- Returned the Windows shell menu to the Transfer context menu.
- Opening of PDF files in Acrobat Reader plug-in when the folder contains special characters, this has been fixed.
- Added a Close Tab entry to the File menu.
- Returned the Windows shell menu to the Transfer context menu
- Gmail would not load problem fixed.
- Opening of files in external applications when disk cache is off problem solved.
- Issue with low quality on YouTube video previews has been fixed.
- Embedded YouTube videos should work more often now without having to reload.
- RealPlayer on BBC is fixed.
- A small memory leak in the BitTorrent code has been fixed.
- Some translations errors are now fixed.
- Several improvements to the icons and skin has beend added.
- Bookmark path to autocompleted bookmarks in the address bar to better distinguish them from visited pages has been added.
- Help button to Engine Init() Failed error message on start-up to inform users about a problem has been added.
- Issue with history navigation: an iframe with document.write is not added to history anymore is now fixed.
- Window.close() now functions after invoking a context menu - now also works in widgets.
- URL encoding issue with JavaScrip and URLS is now fixed.
- Issue with lists not displaying correctly when text is rendering in RTL has been fixed.
- Problem where content blocker adds a generalized block rule when using the Details button has been fixed.
- Issue where IRC would disconnect users without informing them has been fixed.
- Issue where Mark all as read in Opera Mail would also mark as read some mails not visible in the current view has been fixed.
- The creation of the POP AOL/ account has been fixed.
- Problems with POP accounts where message bodies were not downloaded has been fixed.
- Added work-arounds for problems with various POP servers.
- Mail appearance when Opera is installed in a folder with a "#" character in its name, this problem is now fixed.
- Problem that could occur when opening mail notification popups on a secondary monitor has been fixed.
- Users experiencing problems with should change their incoming server to use Plaintext authentication
- Users connecting to experienced problems, this has been solved.


Version 9.27


- BitTorrent transfer stability issue is now fixed.
- Stability issues with the Acid 3 test resolved.
- Other unspecified stability issues has been fixed.
- Resized canvas patterns could cause Opera to execute arbitrary code, this issue has been fixed.
- Newsfeed prompts could cause Opera to execute arbitrary code, this issue has been fixed.
- Improved keyboard handling of password inputs.


Version 9.21


- A shortcut called "ya" for searching with Yahoo! Answers has been added to the user inteface.
- User JavaScript on HTTPS would keep prompting to be allowed to run on a page bug has been fixed.
- A crash caused by long object descendant property chains in JavaScript has been fixed.
- Onunload event is no longer fired if a new URL is entered manually via the address bar or bookmarks.
- PAC ( means Proxy Auto-Config ) settings is now read from system.
- A buffer overflow with malformed torrents has been fixed.
- Improvements for stability torrents.
- Plug-in paths has been corrected.
- Support for the WMP for Firefox plug-in has been fixed.


Version 9.10


- Release notes not specified for this version

- The first version from 9.x series listed on this page.


Version 8.54


- No release notes, we could not find on the Internet.

- This is the latest version released from 8.x series and also the latest one from 8.x that we will list here.


Version 8.51


- No release notes available for this version.


Version 8.02


- No change log available for this version.

- This is the oldest version listed that you will find on this page. All other versions listed here are newer than this one.


Important: Opera browser is a good choice as a personal browser. When we use the latest version ( this is available to all browsers ) your browser should be more secure than using an older one. Due to incompatibility issues between newer versions and older Microsoft OS like Windows 98, Me, 2000 etc. we offer some old versions ( beta versions will not be listed ). Make sure to use an older version only if you need to. Keep in mind that for older versions, a lot of security issues has been reported that could allow bad persons to gain access or to infect/affect your computer through a series of known security problems such as: "Remote Denial of Service Exploit", "IRC Client Remote Denial of Service Exploit", "JPG Image DHT Marker Heap Corruption Vulnerabilities", "Remote Denial of Service Exploit using .torrent files", "Stored Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability" etc. You must understand that an antivirus and additional security tools should be present and updated on your computer and using an old Opera browser is not a smart thing to do in most cases unless you really know what you're doing.