Pod to Mac

Short Pod to Mac review  

Pod to Mac was a free program that allowed you to copy or transfer music, videos and playlists from an iPod or iPhone to your Mac and into iTunes. From the first release, when the program was developed as a beta version, this application aquired a lot of users and became more and more popular. Right now, we have ignored all alpha and beta versions and we have started to list older versions of Pod to Mac starting with version 3.0. So we are going to list all versions after this version but we are not going to list versions that we may consider insignificant or the ones that are under beta. First versions were free while others are now shareware.

Changelog for Pod to Mac  

Version 3.205

– Updates to the Photo Database with files from Pod to Mac fans.

– The Photo Database is modified.

– Small changes have been made.

Version 3.202

– various issues and program refining was made

– picture transfer which currently supports iPhones and iTouches (support for the other models is coming soon)

– added a greatly expanded preferences menu, category playlists, multiple device support, iPod device info display, and sortable columns and much more.

Version 3.05

– Pod to Mac 3.05 adds fixes to allow for normal iPods (the non-iphone-type) to transfer properly after being synchronized with iTunes 9. 
– Additional bug fixes have been added.

Version 3.03

– A UI update was made allowing Pod to Mac to now look prettier on computers running Snow Lepoard.

– No other updates were specified.

Version 3.02

– Automatic disk-mode hijacking, a feature which switches iPods into disk mode as soon as they are connected to the computer so users can avoid the dangerous “Sync” steps in iTunes typically required to enable disk mode.
– real-time iPod unloading has been added and now lets you swap between multiple iPods without having to restart the program (this feature existed before for iPhones, but now works on all iPods).
– A bug causing tracks to transfer as read-only has been resolved and now playcounts and more are being recovered 100% of the time ( in internal tests made by author ).
– Several bug fixes have been added but they were not specified.

Version 3.01

– new track preview feature that has been added.

– “Continuous Play” and “Shuffle” modes are now available.

– ‘Now Playing’ title in the top center of the App can be clicked to see which playlist is being played.

– if you have any difficulties with the track previews not functioning properly, then check your Apple’s System Preferences for Perian (an application that interacts with quicktime).

– if you are using an older release of Perian, than it may cause issues with the track previews so please make sure it’s up to date.

Version 3.0

– iPhone and iTouch OS 3.0 has been added ! 
– The version numbers were getting out of control, so we’re starting again at 3.0 because that seems fitting.
– You can now also disconnect your iPhone and reconnect a different one without having to quit the program.
– Pod to Mac is still 100% freeware software !
– We ( DownloadOldVersion ) like to consider this version officially out of Beta since there was only one version before this one called Pod to Mac 12.