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Short RealPlayer review  


RealPlayer is a free media player that has a lot of unique features that allows you to download videos from thousands of sites. You can build your own video library playlist. RealPlayer is able to transfer media from your pc to your portable devices like iPods or mp3 players. You can listen your favorite radio trough internet using this software and also burn your favorite CD-s. It plays almost all audio and video formats. We think RealPlayer is one of the greatest multimedia software and also is very fun and easy to use. We have found several security issues regarding RealPlayer version 10 that has a Remote Denial of Service Exploit inside; also RealPlayer version 10.5 has a Internet Explorer Denial of Service Exploit and a SWF Buffer Overflow PoC inside and RealPlayer version 10 has a File Local Buffer Overflow Exploit ; so we decided that those versions won't be included on our website. All our RealPlayer versions were scanned with several antiviruses before adding them on this website.


Changelog for RealPlayer Classic


Version SP 1.0


- A new RealPlayer Converter.
- With this version you can convert audio and video file formats for playback on iPod, BlackBerry, XBox 360, and other devices.
- You can transfer files to USB devices trough mass storage mode.
- This version allows you to transfer your files to iTunes.
- You can convert your video files to output only audio.
- The quality level of your audio and video clips has been improved.
- The limit DVD burns is now up to 120-minute.
- RealPlayer Plus allows you to burn dvd-s.
- Buttons in Library and Downloader for instant sharing on Facebook and Twitter
- New enhanced resizing control with new "mini-mode"
- Now it's easier to play, share, or copy clips.


Version 1.0.2


- .qcp files can be imported into My Library.
- SMIL presentations problem has been fixed.
- RealPlayer comes to the front of the window stack when clicked.
- The AppData folders on Windows 7 are ignored by Scan Disk for Media.
- The Burn area has new buttons now affect the Burn list correctly.
- The thumbnail generation for .flv files has been improved.
- The display of My Library video thumbnail overlays has been fixed.
- The crashes caused by attempting to burn video with an incompatible drive connected were fixed.




- Now you can download them all to your personal video playlist.
- You can grab videos from thousands of Web sites with just one click.
- Watch them whenever you want and wherever you want.