Download uTorrent Old Version for Windows 10, 7 and 8

On hearing the word “Torrent” you will think about piracy. It is not true. You can use the technology in a fair way to share the public domain, free movies, eBooks, music files and many other things. It is also the best way for the artists to spread their work among the fans all around the world. uTorrent can be greatly beneficial for the users. The majority of the users look for its old version because that is tested and verified. Furthermore, it is reliable for most of the users to stick to the same old version of a tool. uTorrent is widely used by the customers from all over the world as the best free torrent client.

There are many ways to download the desired content. But if we see comparatively to uTorrent with other tools, it works faster and it downloads your desired file from various locations at the same time. So, uTorrent is the best client to work faster for downloading heavier files like songs and movies.

uTorrent Features

Free Tool

It is a free downloading client. You do not need to pay something for it.

Light and Faster

It is a light tool and works faster to download any of your desired torrents. So, the tool is limitless to fetch your favorite movies, songs, books, and other files.

Magnet Links

You will be surely confused about Magnet Links in uTorrent. These links reduce the number of steps for downloading any file. With the one-click process, you can download any movie or audio file quickly.

Priority Downloads

uTorrent facilitates you with the Prioritized downloads. If you are downloading more than one torrents, you will surely prioritize one of them to be downloaded first. So, the best way to do it quickly is to set it as “priority download.” In this way, your favorite movie will be downloaded first and other files will be downloaded later.

Limit Bandwidth Usage

The tool comes with another very useful feature that is known as “Limit Bandwidth Usage.” If you are highly concerned about your bandwidth usage, you can set the limit of bandwidth usage in it. It allows you to adjust the maximum downloading and uploading rates. It is by default at “0” level.

Seed the File

It allows you to download files from P2P sources. So, downloading requires some etiquette too. If you have downloaded the files, leave the uTorrent still active. If anyone else wants to download the same file, he will get it from you. It is known as “Seed” the file. However, if you do not want to play a torrent, you can remove it from the list and no one will get its link.


It comes with a statistics feature to let you know the number of torrents you have downloaded so far. So, it is quite a handy feature to know the downloading speed. It will also help in estimating the duration of the next download.

How Does uTorrent Work?

When you have installed uTorrent, open the tool. You need to get a source where you can see the legal options to download your favorite movies, music files, and eBooks.

Let’s say! You are going to search for the movies of “Jackie Chan.” When you search for the artist, you will see here a few links where you can find your favorite movies. Select the file and uTorrent will show you the relevant files.

Now, select a location where you want to save the files.

Select “Download” from the menu and uTorrent will start downloading all the relevant files you had selected.

How to Download & Install uTorrent Old Version v3.4.3

The latest version of uTorrent is v3.4.3. But you may be looking for an old version that is uTorrent v1.6. So, here is how to download and install uTorrent v1.6.

Go to the bottom of this section and click “Download uTorrent v1.6” there.

It will start downloading the file. You need to double click the downloaded file to start the installation.

Select “Next” to move ahead.

On the next page, you will see “Terms and Conditions,” you need to select the “I Agree” option to proceed.

Now, the installation begins. Don’t select to install adware as uTorrent already comes with adware.

That’s it. Now, you can enjoy using your favorite torrent client.

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