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View change log - Added - 10.15.2009 - WinZip 14.0.8652


View change log - Added - 05.14.2009 - WinZip 12


View change log - Added - 09.11.2008 - WinZip 12.0.8252


View change log - Added - 04.10.2008 - WinZip 11.2.8094


View change log - Added - 04.18.2007 - WinZip 11.1.7466


View change log - Added - 11.16.2006 - WinZip 11.0.7313


N/A - Added - 02.24.2006 - WinZip 10.0.6698


N/A - Added - 11.19.2005 - WinZip 10.0.6698


N/A - Added - 11.01.2005 - WinZip 10.0.6667



Short WinZip review  


WinZip is one of the most used compressing/decompressing utilities. Being very popular among Windows users, it has a friendly interface that makes it very easy to use by anyone but also comes with powerful features that help it's users to zip/unzip files, encrypt files, compress even photos and many other file formats. It has a great compression performance, support for additional archive formats and many others. It is a clean, fast and intuitive software that can be used by anyone. Version 10.0.7245 has a File View ActiveX Buffer Overflow Exploit, a Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit and a Stack Overflow PoC inside so we will not list them. All WinRAR versions listed here were scanned with several antiviruses before adding them to this section.



Changelog for WinZip  


Version 14.0.8652


- Windows 7 support.
- Explorer Preview option.
- It is also available in a Backup edition.
- You can resize images being sent during Zip and E-Mail functions.


Version 12.1


- New .zipx file extension.
- Resize images being sent during Zip and E-Mail functions.


Version 12.0.8252


- Added new features for photo compression.
- New advanced compression methods.
- You can specify the password requirements and allowed encryption methods.
- New interface enhancements and refinements.
- New JPEG and LZMA compression methods.


Version 11.2.8094


- New unicode support for international characters.
- Now you can create, open and extract LHA archives.
- No more need of DOS-based, third-party programs such as ARJ and ARC.
- Small bug fixes and enhancements.


Version 11.1.7466


- Compatible with Windows Vista.
- Added new Windows Vista-style toolbar and program icons.
- New Windows Vista Explorer-style user interface.
- Supports Windows Vista and Windows® XP on 64-bit as well as 32-bit Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.
- Customize the installation.


Version 11.0.7313


- New Compression Enhancements.
- Added two additional compression methods.
- A more powerful product.
- It automatically selects which compression method to use for each file to make them as small as possible.
- New compression algorithm added.