Download Yahoo Messenger Old Version for Windows 7, 8, 10

Yahoo Messenger was one of the most wanted apps in the nearest past. It was used not only for instant messaging, but it was a wide social networking platform in fact. Before the arrival of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it was the most demanded social networking place. It is not used on massive scales now. But it still holds a large number of users. Here, the people can enjoy their leisure time by meeting their loved ones. Not only this, you can make new friends. Still, the people demand to use Yahoo Messenger even in the presence of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Let’s see how Yahoo Messenger makes a difference for the people.

Download Old Version of Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger Salient Features

Instant Messaging is a vital feature of Yahoo Messenger. You can send/receive the messages instantly. You will also know whether the concerned person has received your messages or not.

The Alerts feature in Yahoo Messenger allows you to receive an IM, a contact appears online or goes offline. It also lets you know when you receive an email or an important event is arriving. So, you can set an alert for all the events ahead.

The most important thing in a social networking platform is “Privacy” and Yahoo Messenger ensures complete privacy of the user’s data. It keeps your data entirely personal and nobody is allowed to peep through it.

Stealth is a highly beneficial feature in Yahoo Messenger. You can select to be online/offline for a few contacts. You remain online all the time, but the offline option shows you as an offline person. If you select to be offline for a particular person or group, you will see the name of that contact in Italic in the list.

You can personalize everything in Yahoo Messenger including the Avatars, IMVironment, and Audibles, etc. You can change the appearance, clothes, backgrounds, and accessories of avatars according to your preference. It also allows you to create avatars. You can create more avatars on Yahoo Avatars.

Buzz feature is quite handy when you want to make someone attentive towards you during the chat. It will shake the chatting window of the concerned person and he will be attentive towards you.

Webcam allows you to view a person live regardless of the distance between you and him. So, you can see your favorite people live by using this interesting feature.

Yahoo Rooms

It is indeed the most interesting feature of Yahoo Messenger. If you are feeling boredom, go to the Yahoo chat rooms. There are hundreds of chat rooms. You can visit any of them to enjoy the company of some other people. It allows you to meet the people with different tastes from different lands.

How to Use Yahoo Messenger

Once you have downloaded Yahoo Messenger, you can instantly use it. However, you require an email ID to create an account on it. If you have a Yahoo ID, you can use it. If you do not have a Yahoo ID, you need to select “Sign Up” from the bottom of the Messenger.

Now, create an account and set a password to sign in Yahoo Messenger.

Once you have signed in, you need to add your desired people in the list to start a chat.

Now, see the list of the people. If someone is online, you will see a Yahoo smiling emoticon in yellow color. If a contact in your list is offline, you will see a faded Yahoo emoticon with it.

How to Download & Install Yahoo Messenger v7.0

Yahoo Messenger’s latest version is v11.1751 whereas the most popular version of Yahoo Messenger is v7.0. Follow the steps below to download Yahoo Messenger old version i.e. v7.0.

Go to the end of the section where you will see a button “Download Yahoo Messenger.” You need to click this option to start the downloading process.

Once the file is downloaded, you need to install it. Double-click the file and select “Install” option from the Window.

Now, select “Next” from the window and click “I Agree” on the “Terms and Conditions” page.

Once the installation completes, you will see the Yahoo Messenger window appears on the screen.

Put your Yahoo ID and password and hit “Sign In” to enjoy a long session of chatting with your friends.

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