Yahoo Messenger

Short Yahoo Messenger review  

Yahoo! Messenger is the most popular chat client in the world. While other clients tends to gain more popularity in one country or region this one is definetely popular worldwide. You can chat with friends, family, you can see them and they can see you using a webcam, send text messages ( SMS ), make free PC to PC calls and PC to phone ( you need to pay for PC to phone ) and finally you can share a lot of files using Yahoo Messenger. The latest feature from Yahoo Mail allows you to chat directly from your Yahoo e-mail address. You can download old Yahoo Messenger versions from this page, however there are some limitations for it.

Important : There are 20-30 releases of Yahoo Messenger every year and there are probably hundreds of them since the first version came out. Using very old versions of Yahoo Messenger will probably create a lot of incompatibilities between your version and others that are using newer versions. Also there are some security reasons that will force us to avoid listing older versions than 7.x versions. As an example, in 2003 a remote exploit for Yahoo Messenger 5.5 has been made public and probably some users suffered from this. In 2008 an ActiveX Remote Denial of Service Exploit has been identified which is again a security problem.

If we look back, this service was pretty secure and there wasn’t many incidents when compared with other similar programs, however we will list only 2-3 versions from 7.x ( from 7.x only one version will be listed and that is the latest one from 7.x series – version ) 8.x, 9.x etc. We will not list beta versions for the same reasons and as may notice there is no change log or release notes available since Yahoo didn’t made those updates notes available.

Changelog for Yahoo Messenger  


– Added new security updates.


– New improved video call feature.
– Small bug fixes.
– The video calling option has been improved on PCs that are using Windows 7.